Im just curious. I'm see a ton of list and and asks for which hero comps are best for legendary, and thats fine and great. its very very fun with junkrat i have found, but if im right the no limits mode of uprising doesn't count towards the achievements which i want really badly and im not seeing a lot of advice topics for uses the 4 default heros. I was hoping for more PvE modes that limit you to certain heros as it makes you use them and improve upon them. i think this is a step in the right direction for Blizz, however i do understand to that like with the last one(Halloween) might have turned people away with only letting you only play 4 heros. Again steps is right direction but seeing a trend of just want to to, i hate using this word, cheese it and just win for winning. if we got something out of it i'd understand better. im not mad or upset or anything just seeing a lack of focus on the "main" event.

Edit: this is fine. i expected this. but still a lot of great feedback and discussion!

One other thing, if you're enjoying the dialogue between the heroes in Uprising:

You might have noticed this, but in the default mode (Reinhardt/Mercy/Torbjorn/Tracer), more conversations are added to the random pool as you win more matches