There are alot of people who want to play old events such as Lucio Ball, or Jukenstiens Revenge. I was thinking Blizzard could add a preset to custom games that allowed a user to play a event like this, or even change to their personal preferend, (i.e making Jukenstein do more damage). I really hope a dev could see this so Blizzard can consider this. Thank you for stopping by!

For Uprising, we had two stretch goals:

One was to allow "All Heroes" to play the event. It might not seem hard but there were a lot of edge case/bug fixes for us to handle.

The other goal was to put Uprising into Custom Game during the event. There were enough challenges technically with doing this that we ended up not achieving this goal.

We might someday make Seasonal Events available when the events are not running, but for now, it's not a priority due to the technical challenge. We also do like keeping the events rare and special... (I know people hate when I say that...)

The Overwatch Archives PVE modes cannot be currently loaded as a Custom Game during the Overwatch Archvies seasonal event.