Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to Overwatch Halloween Terror!

As some of you may have already noticed (especially if you joined us for our Halloween event last year), we’ve made two major changes to this year’s selection of seasonal victory poses:

  • The first change is that many of the tombstone-themed victory poses from our 2016 collection will no longer drop from Halloween Loot Boxes. These poses can still be unlocked in the Hero Gallery, however, at the discounted price (75 credits) for the duration of the event.
  • The second change is that we’ve introduced a new series of pumpkin-themed victory poses to our 2017 collection. These poses will drop from Halloween Loot Boxes and be available in the Hero Gallery at their full introductory price (225 credits) for the duration of the event.

For context:

While the tombstone victory poses certainly capture the spookiness of Halloween, we don’t think they speak to our heroes’ personalities very well. The one notable exception here is Reaper. For him, having a tombstone-themed victory pose makes a lot of sense, as it reflects not only the design, but theme of his character as well.

So starting this year, the old tombstone poses—excluding Reaper’s—will no longer drop from our Halloween Loot Boxes, but they can still be unlocked via the Hero Gallery for 75 credits each. We’ve also created brand new pumpkin victory poses for some of our heroes, which can be earned from Halloween Loot Boxes as well as unlocked via the Hero Galley for 225 credits each. (Reaper’s R.I.P Victory Pose will continue to drop from Halloween Loot Boxes and remains available in the Hero Gallery at the discounted event price.)

To learn more about our Overwatch Halloween Terror event, click here. In the meantime, grab your largest candy bag, put on some spine-chilling music, and get ready to test your mettle against Dr. Junkenstein’s metal minions!