Posted by alphaleo

Seriously, I have two accounts and all loot boxes from arcade that I got (plus some others due lvling up) dropped trash and 1 normal legendary in both (A Doomfist and something else that I already forgot, characters that I don't play at all)...for god sake, the amount of time you ask to get 3k is absurd and knowing I can get normal Legendary skins from them discourage me from purchasing them at all.

I got the game last year at the end of this same event so I couldn't get any of the skins... and now probably I'll be lucky if I even get one :/

Normal legendary skins are on a completely different drop table than the event ones. When you get a "normal" legendary skin during an event it did not "take the place" of an event legendary. It's purely a bonus. During events, you have a higher percentage chance of getting legendary skins because you're pulling from the event drop table in addition to the normal drop table. Hope that clarifies things a bit.