I played on Overwatch's America servers recently and I'm from Hong Kong, then I joined a competitive match which was normal at the beginning but suddenly a guy called [[removed]] started to be afk and I said to him not to afk but he denied it (no puns intended) and started to say stuff like "[[removed]] ", also pretended to have asian accents mumbling, the worst part is that he said[[removed]] .
This [[removed]] guy is the cancer of Overwatch.
Please suspend his account or even ban him.

Harassing or defamatory language is definitely NOT okay. If this happens again, please use our in-game reporting function so that we can investigate.

Here's how (thanks, Result!):

Posted by Result!

1. In your game, go to "Social" from the main menu or from the Escape menu.

2. Find the list of players from your previous matches.

3. Find his name, right click on it, and "Report" him.

Please DO NOT come to the forums and specifically name other players you believe have done something wrong. Lest you forget, somebody else could have that person's username too-- Battle.net allows people to have the same username (differentiated by the #numbers that don't appear in-game.)

(I'd also encourage blocking the player in question, too.)