Posted by Muffy

Former otp but I dont play/enjoy her anymore and ppl start to insult me and attack me. Appearently im trolling griefing and throwing if i play other Heroes than Mercy now. Cant wait for my ban lol

My last 2 week experiences in short

Me on this Account: 200hrs Mercy, 100hrs Sombra

Pick Mercy: "Why Mercy, she sucks (she does), go Zen/Moira"
Pick Ana: "go Zen/Moira, you suck"
Pick Sombra (positive Winrate 12 hrs): "You throw, gg, reported"
Pick Reaper (couple of Hours on different Acc): "you suck, reported"
Pick Any DPS: "Mercy main playing DPS? gg, you suck, lets throw"
Pick Tank: "Why Heal main on Tank/DPS? gg, reported"

I just dont want to play Zen or Moira every game wtf... Just because im a Mercy main it doenst mean i want to heal ppl with Heroes i dont enjoy playing EVERY GAME. Even if they belong to the holy meta atm

I just checked your account. You have 0 lifetime complaints.

You're fine.