So, it was announced recently that Blizzard will be actively scouring social media and banning people if they made comments Blizzard doesn't like, regardless of whether it's on a video that had anything to do with Overwatch or not.

What is this? What business is it to someone what I do if it's not related to Blizzard in any way? I'd like to know the thought process behind "hmm we should start thought policing people's youtube comments, and banning them if they said something we don't like, even if it was a comment made years before Overwatch ever came out".

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We have no control over what comments you make on social media.

If a video gets posted of you playing OW and doing things that are against the rules, we will action you if we see it and can confirm the bad behavior.

The original poster was mistaken in the context of the developer video update made on January 25th, 2018. The video talks about how Blizzard will issue account actions on a player if they see direct violations of the Blizzard Code of Conduct such as cheating or harassment in videos posted to social media platforms.