Record their killcam, report them and post the video on the forums.

Got this guy here banned with it:


Edit: Send the findings to instead. Stoopid me >.<

Please do not report potential cheats, hacks, bots, or unauthorized third-party software on the forums. Not only is it likely your post will be moderated (to remove any specific player info - this just isn't the place for it), but it's not a direct channel to our hacks teams, so it's definitely not as efficient.

Instead, the most helpful and effective thing you can do is use the in-game reporting option (right click on the player's name > report) or email your findings to These are dedicated channels, and using them will make sure your reports get to the right people.

With that said, it's important to note that while community-submitted evidence can be very helpful, we will never use it alone to verify whether or not cheating is taking place. Because of this, and this goes back to my statement above, we ask that you please avoid publicly accusing individuals of cheating whenever possible and use the reporting methods we've provided. (Another reason why the forums aren't a good place to have these sorts of discussions. No harm, no foul though.)

We're constantly monitoring the game and have been very aggressive with taking action against players who've been found to be cheating. Sometimes these actions are extremely visible, other times they may be more behind-the-scenes. Either way, preserving the integrity of the game is something that's super important to us, and we appreciate your involvement immensely.

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Except in the Pro Scene of course.

Whether you play Overwatch professionally or just for fun, it doesn’t matter to us—if you’re found to be cheating in Overwatch, we will take action. There’s no special treatment. (Fair warning.)
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I think it's still a-okay to publicly post evidence and opinions on public figures.

I can definitely see the rationale there, and that may be okay for other community channels. It is not okay in these forums, however.

For clarity, this is because killcams, Plays of the Game, Highlights, and other community-captured footage aren’t consistently reliable. While they definitely are valuable (so please continue to send them our way), they're never actually used to verify or confirm the use cheats, hacks, bots, or unauthorized third-party programs. As a result, public accusations can often lead to witch hunts, and that kind of discourse doesn’t benefit you, the targeted player, or the game very much. Or the community itself, really. It’s something we’ll likely always actively discourage.

Just in case, here’s more info on our stance re: cheating in Overwatch:

Cheating in Overwatch

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