Good news Blizzard. Your report system is working, a Torb main is leaving the game.

The people who designed this game are not dumb. Great game, it's unplayable. My issues with this community while maining Torbjorn aside, this game has turned into a gamble with my time. It's too toxic, and your system is pushing the game towards more toxicity.

I have sent 5 tickets this week. Everytime, I state I am not repealing my ban. I just want information. I asked why am I banned. And how can I prevent that from happening in the future. You respond:

Following a review of your case, I can confirm that the evidence presented was correct, and that the subsequent action taken was appropriate. Our decision in this matter stands, and will not be overturned.

Your account has been suspended for actions and behaviour which are considered against the spirit of the game, due to reports from your fellow players. Such activites can include flaming or inappropriate language, toxic chat, non-participation in the game, or intentional behavior to provide an advantage to the enemy team or a disadvantage to your own team.

This game is bad for kids, your pro gaming advertising should be illegal. Your report system was conceived from ignorance, run on ignorance, and upheld by ignorance.

I recorded 1 day of gameplay after my ban. I was going to show how I can be banned for playing Torb. This one day sums up overwatch experience for me. It's broken.

Uninstalled, trying out new games... happier.


You have over 220 reports for harassment. Looking at your chat logs, these reports are verified. Here are some examples:

now im dont give a [expletive]
they can [expletive] my [expletive]too
you deranged addicted nerd
and this community is ignorant and insane
im the reason for anything good
good morning you sad sad dumb generation

Plus you continually accuse other players of hacking -- we're seeing this in a significant percentage of your games played. The players you are accusing are not hacking, they are just performing at a high level.

Also, you repeatedly spam lines such as:


Our community has made it clear to us that Toxicity is one of the top issues that needs to be addressed in this game. As a result, we're getting stricter and that means people are going to get suspended and banned for poor behavior. You've fallen into that category.