It appears the conditions for an AFK kick tend to vary between time and game mode. Sometimes it kicks you for not dealing damage, sometimes for sitting in one spot despite dealing damage (Bastion), and other times it kicks you for absolutely no reason. Could we get a bit of clarity about this, and possibly a fix for the illogical afk kicks in the near future?

Extra posts and experiences regarding the matter:

Posted by Slowwoke

Then there must be a bug, because in these games I literally run around the map, use abilities, land body shots on a Widowmaker, and get kicked 5 seconds later.

There's also been a deathmatch game where I've gotten kicked on bastion because I didn't inflict damage for a certain number of time, yet I was active in turret form, moving my camera around and saying voice lines.
To go with your experience, yesterday a friend of mine almost got afk kicked for not damaging AI in Junkenstein's revenge.

With Bastion, I've gotten the afk warning, despite spraying bullets at enemies and landing a few shots.

The rules for inactivity do vary based on the game mode and settings. There is not one set of rules that governs it all. In general, if you do not pick a hero, remain idle, or are not contributing to the current game objective, you will be marked AFK.

If you do encounter a specific AFK that you believe is in error, please post as much detail here (video links are a HUGE help!) and we'll investigate.


Any behavior in gameplay in Overwatch that you feel is irregular should be posted to the Bug Report Forum on the official forums.