Hear me out on this one guys. Please read the whole post before commenting "You are stupid" or etc...

Hey guys,
Today I wanna talk to you about the new arcade mode. The worst part of it.

Don't misunderstand me, I like the arcade mode, and it is a great mode to play, and have fun in. They only thing that bugs me is the Wins = Loot Boxes

Don't think I don't like free loot, that is not the point. The point is that Blizzard makes a new system, which welcomes players to chill, and relax a bit from competetive, and take an easier route to play the game.

Now, in this "Chill" game mode, you suddenly tell us that in order to enjoy it, you have to WIN games? Where is the logic in that?

I came to play arcade to enjoy it and relax from competetive, and all I do right now is rage so much, because I always get lvl 15-50 players, which are very bad. I want to get the loot boxes, but my dear friends, I'm not going to spend 10 hours only to win 1 game. In percentage, I only win 10% of the arcade games I play (Excluding 1v1). I want these loot boxes as much as everyone else, but I don't want to rage because of that, at last this is what I came to do.

I'm not really saying anything bad about the idea itself. Only if you implement a game mode which is intended to "Relax" and "Chill" in, you don't simply implement a system which forces you to win in order to enjoy it, or get anything from it. I really don't want to take the arcade game mode seriously, after all it is made for pure fun, but why do I have to take it seriously almost as I take competetive, only because of the win to gain system. This simply doesn't make sense!

I just want to point out, that I'm not asking to remove it or anything, just make it more enjoyable for casual players... Perhaps give a loot box for every 5 games played... This would imporve the system for casual players, as well as not hurt any competetive player. There is no need for a win to gain system in a "Casual" game mode.

Please, think about that and about the casual players. I understand that you have to make players buy lootboxes, in order to gain profit from the game, and you are doing that by making players farm their heart out in order to gain them. But please, for the casual players, think again about what you have implemented and how can that be improved for us ;/

I would be really happy to hear some other thoughts in the comments, this is importent to know what other think about that topic, and also interests me personally XD

Have a fun discussion,
Thanks for the read-through! ;D

The reason we use "wins" rather than "games played" as a criteria is to help curb deviant behavior from becoming prolific.

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