Personally, my favorite game mode. I really like forcing myself to play heroes I'm uncomfortable with. There are some headaches involved in Mystery Heroes though as many of you know. Let's see if we can address some of them and help make the mode even more awesome.

Some things I wish for...

First, we don't need the hero select countdown at the beginning. It's just silly and a waste of time.

Second, hero stacking is very annoying when you can't choose counters so perhaps only one of each hero per team?

Third, maybe bring a rudimentary team comp into the picture with some balancing algorithms I'm not smart enough to implement.

Oh and playing heroes in mystery heroes doesn't count for time played as a hero (this must be for all arcade modes?). I feel like I've got hours of Roadhog and McCree by now! I guess that would mess with people's rankings that care about that.

I know the sheer chaos is one of the draws for a lot of people but I think tweaking a little bit here and there would really make this mode shine. I should probably toy around with the custom game tools but just haven't gotten around to it.

Has anyone tried anything similar? What do you guys think?

We have a number of Mystery Heroes fixes on our to-do list. We're very eager to get to them but it just hasn't bubbled to the top of our priority list yet. We definitely want to get rid of suiciding to force a hero switch. We will also remove the "Assemble Heroes" wait time as there is no reason for it in this mode. We have some other improvements in mind as well.

I am curious how the community as a whole feels about some of the ideas you bring up. I know that it frustrates me when the other team ends up with 5 D.Va's. I also get frustrated when the enemy team has a balanced team comp and my team comp is less balanced. But perhaps that is part of the charm of the mode?

How do you guys feel about a purely random system (such as it works now) versus a mostly random system where we try to limit stacking and nudge the team comps towards something more reasonable? I can see arguments for both ways being compelling to different people.

Since this post, there is now a workshop custom mode template called Balanced Mystery Heroes which controls hero switching to maintain a 2-2-2 composition, however this does not appear in the arcade matchmaking modes.

Jeff Kaplan has also since mentioned in various interviews that Mystery Heroes will remain in "chaos mode" meaning the current completely random hero selection ruleset the mode has today.