Posted by Nicolas53401

3v3 is a nice mode which I spend much time with but I think the missing health packs make op chars like soldier or roadhog even more op. On console you see a Roadhog in 5 out of 7 rounds. Whenever there are 2 people alive at the end one of every team and one of them is the hog or soldier its just a question of time untill the hog or 76 wins because of his infinite healing. Thoughts?

We tried the mode with health packs originally and it caused a lot of fleeing behavior that felt contrary to what elimination is all about. We tried having them on fast respawn, slow respawn as well as no respawn but it always felt like the health packs were too much of a primary gameplay driver rather than the pure combat which feels like what the mode should be focused on.

With that said, we plan to add health pack options to Custom Game so that you can enable them for elimination modes. If we see that the community is playing a high amount of elimination Custom Games with those health packs enabled, we'll reconsider our stance.

Also, coming soon... we are redoing the "sudden death" mechanic in elimination to prevent fleeing and turtling and reduce the number of draws. More info on that will be revealed soon.

Since this post, elimination modes like Mystery Duel and 3v3 Limited Elimination now will open a control point usually at the direct center of the map for a player to capture if time in the round has gone on too long.