Posted by Dracologist

Can we more information on when you're adding achievements and stats to the Arcade? You mentioned you were planning to implement them back when the Arcade was still in the PTR, but we haven't heard anything since then. Do you have an ETA on this? Did you change your minds and hope that we would forget? What's going on?

We do want to add stat tracking for Arcade modes. We also want to add a "Total" category to the career profile. These are things that we are actively discussing and hoping to get on our schedule. So unfortunately, no ETA but design and production discussions are happening.

We do not have immediate plans to add achievements to the Arcade game modes beyond the Seasonal achievements. We like this idea and are not opposed to it... it's just not happening in the near future.

The Career Profile has since been updated to include stats for most Arcade modes.

As of this time, standard hero or general achievements still cannot be earned playing any Arcade mode including Quick Play Classic.