Honestly, I have been dying for a decent team fragfest, and Destiny isn't cutting it. I truly enjoyed this mode, but was sad that it was removed. Will it be returning? I'd like to know so I can play OW again.

It will come back. We're working on some changes to allow for modes like No Limits and the 1v1 modes to come back more often as well.

Will this also mean Capture the Flag will come home too?

Yes, CTF too. Basically all modes.

The short-medium term fix is just making sure those modes can show up again.

Posted by holytoledo

Is it possible to have more than 5 modes?

Not in the short/medium term, unfortunately.

Posted by DSPMankey

Thank you! Do the changes to no-limits address shield gen stacking by any chance? I love playing sym, but I gotta admit it did ruin the fun to have such a clear choice for a winning strategy.

No Limits isn't balanced. That's why we made it go away. Trying to balance No Limits kind of defeats the purpose of the mode. We can nerf Symmetra in that mode but there will be a host of posts complaining that stacking 6 Symmetra shield generators is the only fun thing about OW...

Posted by UncleKharn

So leaving the mode unfun for everyone else is fine if it prevents a couple of symmetra players from complaining?

Some people think 6 D.Va's unfun. Some people think 6 Mei's is unfun.

Fun is subjective. Where do we draw the line -- especially with modes like No Limits and Total Mayhem.

Since this post, the arcade play selection has been updated to have daily and weekly rotators allowing modes like Capture the Flag, No Limits, and Total Mayhem to appear more frequently. Furthermore the arcade play card now includes 7 options (mostly to allow space for the permanent addition of Quick Play Classic).

Since this post, Symmetra's abilities have since been reworked and the Shield Generator is no longer her ultimate ability.