Posted by Pokono

I saw a post the other day by Jeff Kaplan, it said that only 0.26% of players actually used the PTR, and i'm not in that 0.26%, why?

1- If you want me to play the PTR and get my opinion on the new changes, I need to have a good experience playing, having ping that ranges from 200-500 will make the experience bad, unplayable and not useful to get my opinion out of.

2- If you want me to play the PTR and get my opinion on the new changes, I need to be able join a game and not stay in skirmish forever, today I tried to get into a match, and found myself in skirmish for 30 minutes, and nothing happened, I'm not the only one either, when I talk to people in the chat they say the same, can't join a match.

EDIT: (link removed) proof that I was on skirmish for 30 minutes.

And for people that don't have to go through these problems, try to encourage them with rewards for testing the PTR, try giving them a loot box, I don't know, just do something.

Just to clarify, my post the other day wasn't trying to force all players to play on the PTR. But rather I was trying to help people formulate better feedback. It's important to contextualize your feedback and also clarify if you had played with the changes for an extended period or not. We were getting a lot of feedback based on gut reaction from reading patch notes or from a single match. This feedback is still really good and useful. But it was also a little misleading and people started to ask questions like "Is the sky falling" when in reality, most of the feedback was emotional. Again all of that feedback is still good an important -- it's just not helpful to us or to the community if it's misrepresented as informed.

Regarding the PTR experience, it won't always be a smooth platform. Obviously, the things on PTR aren't ready to go live yet and that's the whole point of the PTR. So if it's not working out for you, don't feel obligated to keep trying. We have some ideas to make the PTR feel more rewarding but these are significant development tasks that would directly take away from development time on the core game.

Hope this clarifies my statements from Friday.

Since this post, there is now a seperated PTR Feedback forum to provide content feedback for new patches being tested on the PTR.