Not trying to troll here, legitimately asking:

Do we have people who have put time into playing DVA and now find themselves completely, utterly outclassed as all the threads on the forum claim is going to happen?

Like are you, as a "former" DVA main going from 25-2 k/d ratio to 8-20 or some such thing?

Are the stats REALLY that drastically different?

Not the math numbers of "she is taking X more damage, dealing X less damage"

The actual results of playing multiple rounds with her under the new patch. Are people who have experience playing DVA (not testing her out for the first time so they can make a thread about it) now struggling to contribute in matches?

To answer the original title's question:

No the sky is not falling.

0.26% of Overwatch players have tested these changes on the PTR.

The average playtime on the PTR (including sitting in menus etc.) this week is 26 minutes.

I encourage people to log in and try these changes for a few nights -- not one anecdotal match -- and see how you feel about them by formulating your own opinion.

To put it another way, 99.74% of the community hasn't actually played with any of these changes.

Posted by Banshee

Does this mean you guys dont listen to those who haven't tested the PTR then? This is what I assume from what you are saying.

Of course not. We're huge believers in constructive feedback.

Constructive feedback is stuff like:

"I played D.Va for a few hours on the PTR and have some concerns about her survivability."

"I tried Roadhog on the PTR and had trouble landing hooks because of small objects blocking LOS."


"I haven't tried the changes but reading about them makes me wonder if D.Va is going to be able to tank effectively with the change to her health pool"

"I haven't tried the changes myself but as a Sombra main I am worried that the buff to her hack might not be noticeable"

But comments like:

"Why don't you just remove D.Va from the game because she is trash now"


"Roadhog will never be picked again"

aren't really valuable to us in any way and cause more naive members of the community to get worked up and caught up in a negative group think.

Make sense?

Since this post, the game now features an Experimental Play mode, which can test limited balance changes on the live game client including console platforms. Completing games in Experimental Play will earn XP and rewards appropriately on the live game account.