Before anyone says "it's quickplay, who cares" just don't bother.

I've been playing a bit more quickplay lately when practicing new heroes or when coming back from a few days off, and I tend to play a ton of 2 CP maps. Due to the nature of quickplay, it's quite a bit more difficult to actually take the second objective on any of the maps. As soon as the map changes to Hanamura, or Volkskaya the attacking team loses a bunch of players because they don't want to bother trying. It's almost so bad that I sometimes wonder why they even have 2 CP maps in the quickplay rotation.

Hey Blizzard if you see this, can you provide some stats on the win rates for offense and defense on the 2 CP maps in quickplay?

Quick Play

Time period: 5/14/17 - 7/12/17 (I'm not sure why I don't have earlier data... I'll have to ask about that)

Hanamura: Attack 49.79%, Defense 50.21%
Horizon: Attack 54.50%, Defense 45.50%
Temple of Anubis: Attack 49.92%, Defense 50.08%
Volskaya: Attack 49.76%, Defense 50.24%
Eichenwalde: Attack 46.13%, Defense 53.87%
Hollywood: Attack 49.91%, Defense 50.09%
King's Row: Attack 50.14%, Defense 49.86%
Numbani: Attack 49.40%, Defense 50.60%
Dorado: Attack 49.66%, Defense 50.34%
Route 66: Attack: 49.94%, Defense 50.06%
Watchpoint: Gibraltar: Attack 50.13%, Defense 49.87%

Posted by HappyFeet

Any plans on changing Horizon?

We've talked about a few changes. We want to give it more time before doing anything drastic.

I know this is going to sound off to some of you, but these stats don't concern us as being grossly unbalanced. We've had periods in the early release and beta of the game where maps were skewed as bad as 30/70. When a map gets close to 40/60, most players perceive it as balanced. So being within 4-6% of 50/50 is still pretty good. Of course, we'll always strive for 50/50 but I think Horizon and Eichenwalde are both really fun maps.

Horizon Lunar Colony was reworked in 2018. It is under discussion to be reworked again and is currently out of the Competitive Play map pool.