Can i just have the ability to blacklist maps so i never have to play 2cp or koth ever again. I'll happily take longer queue times and bilzz and clearly see which maps a dog!@#$ for it.

The Game Browser enables you to play whatever maps you'd like. If other players feel similarly to you, you should have no problem finding a match.

Posted by PurpleCrack

What are your thoughts about optional restrictions to custom games, so let's say I could only play with people within my SR range? I'd rather play with people around my skill than anyone on the block

We love this idea. It was on our initial wishlist for the feature but we ran out of time to implement it. I'll ask around and see if we can get it back on the list.

Posted by PurpleCrack

I think the poster is talking about blacklisting maps in QP and Comp.

Map and Game Mode diversity is good for the overall health of the game. There is some point (and we're not there yet) where there are too many maps and modes for a player to reasonably wrap their head around and be competitive on. But for now, different maps and different modes are a contributing factor to encouraging hero and playstyle diversity.

Posted by Koma44

How about adding more maps instead?

You got it.

In early 2020, the game for a while ran a Map Pool which experimented with only keeping a select number of maps playable during a season of Competitive Play, however this was retired and Competitive currently uses all maps except for Paris (Assault) and Horizon Lunar Colony (Assault).