There are three "2cp" maps in the game atm. Hanamura, Volskaya and Anubis.

Pretty much everyone knows how tedious it can be for the attackers to capture the map.
Unless you kill every enemy team member at the same time, what usually happens is that the enemies will keep coming one by one, stalling the capture time.

You probably know the drill, you start seeing annoying Meis, Tracers and DVAs, heroes that take time or are hard to kill.
In the meantime if one of your members dies, it's usually a successful defend for the defending team and at the same time they gain time by killing your team members one by one.
On the other hand you have the snowball situation that if one of the teams manages to wipe the defending team members all at the same time, they can capture the point fast, but when it is your time to attack, things might not go so smoothly.
The teams can be pretty equal but this map can create a huge disadvantage just by circumstances and luck.

There are definitely solutions, some of them are:

1. Increase the respawn time for the defenders
2. Make the capturing of the second point faster
3. Add more "capture safepoints" right now there are 3, they could make them 6 for example.

Personally every time I see one of these maps in a competitive match I think "omg not one of these maps again". It's even worse on quickmatch where there is no coordination at all.

We appreciate the feedback on our Assault maps.

We've had a lot of discussion about the mode this week. We're talking about some potential changes but we still want to talk things through for a bit before making immediate changes.

One of the problems we're interested in solving is lowering the rate that draws occur in Assault. The worst offender is Hanamura. On a bad week, the map can draw as much as 18% of the time. To put the number in perspective, Control maps draw 0%, Payloads draw 0% and Hybrids draw on average 5.75% of the time.

Your overall chance of a draw in competitive mode is 5.45%, which seems more than acceptable to us.

I wouldn't go so far as to say draws happen every time on Assault or even that draws are rampant. Statistically, that is false. But we think we have some strong ideas to try out when it comes to reducing draws in Assault.

We have some other problems we are taking a look at as well.

But overall, we like Assault as a mode and we think the maps provide a lot of exciting Overwatch moments. We're always looking to improve all parts of the game and Assault is included in that.

Since the time of this post, Assault map rules have undergone signficant changes to improve the gameplay experience. Most notably, Assault objective points (for both Assault and Hybrid maps) now have a percentage tiebreaker in Competitive Play to minimize draws. For all Assault, Escort, and Hybrid maps, there is now a defense-spawn delay rule which will increase the respawn timers of eliminated defense players if the attackers are outnumbering the defenders on the current objective (payload or objective point), however this rule typically only takes effect on point B on most Assault maps (as the payload for Escort and Hybrid maps is difficult to maintain a numbers advantage). Assault maps have had their point B initial timers reduced by 60 seconds. Quick Play also now runs on the same time limits as that of the Competitive Ruleset for Assault maps.