Welcome to the Old Overwatch Forums Developer Post Archives. This is a permanent collection of relevant statements and responses from representatives of Blizzard Entertainment, including game developers, community managers, and customer service representatives in regards to the game Overwatch. The old Overwatch forums, which operated since the game's beta through January 2020, was the source for many pieces of information about the game revealed by the development team. This fan-operated site now contains most of these posts in a categorized archive for reference by the Overwatch community as a whole.

This website only covers posts from the old official forums. There are additional developer statements and responses in other parts of the world wide web, including the New Official Forums; Reddit communities including r/Overwatch, r/CompetitiveOverwatch, and r/OWConsole; the official Overwatch YouTube channel; and official Overwatch website. Find my up-to-date master list of all developer responses on the new official Overwatch Forums.

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  • Jeff Kaplan - Game Director
  • Geoff Goodman - Hero Balance Principal Designer
  • Scott Mercer - Game Mode Principal Designer
  • Dave Adams - Map/Environment Principal Designer
  • Michael Chu - Lead Story Writer
  • Bill Warnecke - Lead Reliablity Engineer

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  • Lylirra
  • Tom Powers
  • Josh Engen