Posted by Bullgrit

I'm not complaining. I'm just curious as to the reasoning. Why is there no fall damage to heroes in Overwatch?


We had fall damage in for a few weeks. It was very difficult to decide which heroes should have it and which shouldn't. At first, they all had it. It felt terrible on Pharah because you would crater if you weren't careful -- yet if you feathered your boosters just before impact, you were fine. All in all it felt bad on her so we just made her immune to falling damage. Then you would play a character like Widowmaker or Reaper. Both of those heroes have abilities that allowed them to get to very high places. Yet, because they were subject to falling damage, they would crater when they jumped down. Widowmaker had to literally use her grappling hook to get down from places. We then tried tuning the damage to be non-fatal but soon we just entered a space of "why are we doing this again?" and removed it.