Would make all those niche picks like sym and torb a lot more useful...

We experimented with 8v8 for quite some time. The matches felt too chaotic for our liking. The game lacked a recognizable front and we found ourselves dying a lot from seemingly random, outnumbered encounters.

We also tried 4v4 but it felt like there was almost no room for error. A single death was extremely impactful on the match. Eventually, we settled on 6v6 based on our map sizes, movement speeds and engagement distances.

As you guys can see though, we're opening to experimenting with other sizes in the Arcade. 3v3 is currently the most popular mode in the Arcade.

In 2020, Jeff Kaplan also recently addressed that increasing past 12 total players in a match is not viable due to technological challenges with out the game is designed and rendered.