Hey guys :),
What if there was an option to change the timescale of the game so that you could have slo-mo or super speed games? I got the idea from the end-of-round slow motion effect that happens, and I thought it would be pretty fun if you could have that as an option for custom games. It would make hitscan heroes really powerful (especially widow) but since it's a custom game, the creator can decide how to balance it.

The engine can time scale. We use it internally frequently. We'll look into whether or not we can make this a Custom Game option for you.

Fun fact: Lucio's first ult used to be a total time scale for everyone in the match -- except for Lucio.

Both custom game settings and scripts in the Workshop can adjust time scale in custom games. Furthermore, matches can be slowed down or ramped up in both the personal replay viewer and the Overwatch League replay viewer.