I know some of you guys may think it is distracting but it brings a viable information, for instance, a character might say "There's a turret over there." Or "There's a teleport over there"... How would deaf people know?

Maybe it would be nice to incorporate voice line subtitles into Chat window. I am not saying we should have "footsteps" notification, most of the deaf/hard of hearing community relies visual elements and notifications in the game.


This started when I was playing with my hearing friend a night before I created this post. We communicated via in-game text chat. Not by voice chat.
He said my character was saying something rude about killing other people. I wasn't sure what's he talking about because I haven't said anything in the game. He said it is my voice line in the game, or it could be an automatic "talk" in the beginning of the game. I wasn't aware of this.... There were no subtitles in the beginning. He said few characters would "talk" each other, like if you have two Tracers in the match, they will say something funny to each other, etc.

Speaking of subtitles, there aren't any subtitles or closed captioned for all Overwatch short animated films, why is this? If you look at Valve, not only they started captioned all their games in Half-Life, Team Fortress. It is a shame that Valve did an amazing job than Blizzard.

Uprising is the first event to support subtitles. We now have some of the underlying tech and systems in place to proliferate subtitle support to other parts of the game. The team is very passionate about adding subtitle support.

Subtitles are now fully implemented into the game. Find them in your Sound options.