Maybe it's just because I haven't kept my ear as firmly planted to the ground recently, but I haven't heard anything about replays in a long time, which is odd, because it seems obvious to me that it should be the absolute focus for the next item on the menu.

Not only does every top level competitor in every sport use recordings of themselves to improve, and so your competitive community would flourish, but also a replay feature would allow a community of content creators to spring up around the game with things like deep analysis of top players, after the fact play-by-plays, dissections of team fights, the list goes on.

I feel like every day spent without a replay feature is a day that some of the potential for this game goes out the window.

We're still a ways off from this feature. I would not expect it before the end of this year.

It's something we really want to work on, but we haven't had the opportunity to just yet. We're really passionate about the feature and want it in the game badly.

Replays are now fully implemented into the game. Find them in your Career Profile.