Posted by Prince

I have been asking about this and match history right from open beta itself, still no official word on any of those. Can Jeff/someone please tell if these 2 features will come down the line or not ?

We very badly want to give players replay functionality. Our engine is built so that it works. It actually works internally, which sort of pains us because we know how badly players want the feature. Right now, even though the game was architected with replays in mind, it's a non-trivial amount of work to make it a player-facing feature. What we have internally is not scalable to 10 million+ people.

We do have a lot of knowledge around the studio from our other games in regards to getting this functionality into your hands someday. Right now, our roadmap has us working on Highlights improvements first before attempting to tackle replays (same people work on those features).

tl;dr: It's a big goal for us but a tremendous amount of work so not on the immediate horizon

Replays are now fully implemented into the game. Find them in your Career Profile.