Posted by Yamr3


Can someone from Blizzard shine some light onto how "Prefer This Player" works? It seems as if this feature doesn't work if at all.

Prefer this player will attempt to put you in a match with that player if there is a spot available in their match when you're in the matchmaking queue. It doesn't happen frequently because we matchmake on skill, ping, group size and other factors and don't weigh the "prefer feature" very high. It's there as more of a "hey, if it happens to line up right, I'd prefer to play with this person again."

The feature works at such a low percentage that we are considering removing it. Increasing the frequency can result in really bad/undesirable behaviors (poor matchmaking, harassment etc.) so we don't turn the dial to make it happen more often.

The "Perfer This Player" social option has since been removed from Overwatch.