Hey, ok so I know this was talked before, but quests could add more to the game, either reward gold or lootboxes to the game.

People say that needing to play a certain hero would be a problem with switching, so quests like "Play 3 games as Hanzo" would not work that well, but we can have quests like "Win 3 games", "Plat 5 Brawl Game", "Play 3 games as Offense/Defense Heros", "Get 2 Gold Medals".
Those types of quests could work with no problem, and would add more flavour to the game IMO. :D

Also what I thought would be nice is to also add levels to characters, and when you get level 5 and 10 let's say on a hero, you get gold/lootboxes, similar to HOTS.

For the hero leveling, you don't have to play a full game as one hero, if let's say you play 2 heroes in one game for example, you get half of the XP for the first one and the other half for the second hero and you level up both of them at once.

What do you think?

Our second progression system featured per-hero leveling (this was never public -- only in internal Alpha). Per-hero leveling caused a lot of issues with team composition. Oftentimes players would refuse to switch off of heroes because they were trying to "get one more level" on a certain hero. We really want players focused on winning as a team and building smart team comps.