Sup people, Everything is all right?

Let's talk about the new Overtime system.

I personally don't like it, a lot of people hated the Overtime system, but i think it brings more emotion to some matches and it feels very good to contest the point and win the match or to defend against the attacking team after an intense Overtime.

After some little time on Overtime, the bar burns to quickly and it feels anti-climatic for me.

I really want to hear your thoughs on this.

Stay safe people ;)

Good discussion! Hearing feedback on how Overtime is working is very helpful to us.

We did a few things to Overtime in the most recent patch. Nothing about the system is new -- we just retuned what was already there.

We always had a time at which OT would "speed up" (meaning the bar would burn down faster until it got very fast, thus making it harder to refresh). We made it so that OT ramps up much more quickly to this minimum burn down time. It's 20 seconds now where it used to be around 90 seconds previously.

We also adjusted the "slush" time we used to give characters who were on the point and then left the point in order to refresh overtime. We call this hysteresis. The hysteresis used to be set at 5 seconds. Meaning that if Tracer was on the point with 4 seconds to go, and then exited the point, the game would go into OT because Tracer was there "close enough" to allow for OT. We reduced this time to around 2 seconds after much internal testing. For the most part, you don't feel like you missed out on OT when you should have gotten it but also the game goes into OT less often because of this. This is significantly impactful on Control Maps.

These tuning changes plus a minor tuning change to respawn should overall make OT feel less likely to stall out but still retain our original goal of allowing for a final offensive push to finish out without the clock unexpectedly expiring.

Since this post, Overtime also has introduced extended respawn timing rules. In general respawning for either team is increased by 2 additional seconds on top of the default time of 8 seconds (and any additional modiers such as Attacker's Advantage on Assault Objective Points).