Posted by hufflescout

Most FPS games give me some level of motion sickness but thankfully for the most part Overwatch been a nauseous-free zone for me. I'm not sure if it was a change to the death cams like I've seen mentioned or the crowdedness of Junkertown that has caused this new issue for me. Now it might just be that by the time Junkertown shows up in my map rotation I've just been playing too long but lately I've been experiencing motion sickness not too long after playing this map. It may have something to do with type of rotating platform on the map but I'm not really sure.
What I'm really asking here is has anyone else recently felt an increase in motion sickness while playing Overwatch? If so what do you think is triggering it, and what helps to alleviate it sooner? I love this game so much and I really don't want to have reduce my time playing.

Do you normally watch the kill cam or do you skip and watch the spectator cam during death? This was a major change that might be related.

A useful experiment to help us pinpoint if that is causing the issue is play with kill cam on and don't skip it for a night or two (or just stop watching that death cam) and let us know if you still are seeing an increase in nauseousness.

Other things that might have changed: did something cause your FPS to drop recently? Oftentimes, low framerate can contribute to motion sickness as well.