I'm probably not the first one trying to discuss about this, but let's talk about it anyway...

What is the purpose of "/all" chat in OW matches?

We know games like WoW need it. We need to find people to play with, to recruit players into our guild, to sell items, etc... but does the "/all" chat have the same need and purpose in OW?

Certainly there is absolutely no need you would want to comunicate with the enemy team. You dont need to discuss strategies with them and certainly they dont want or need to know your feelings AKA toxic behaviour in general.

Sometimes it feels like the /all chat forces sportsmanship among the community, sportsmanship that it doesn't exists anymore or it's very rare. It its weird that a player /claps a good play from the enemy team or /pat the enemy team when they lose. That kind of "good behaviour" doesn't exist anymore or it's rare to find, and it still makes me wonder: is the communication between enemy teams an absolute neccesity?

Even Blizz trivialized the existance of it, by "censoring" the globally known "gg ez" into "funny" phrases, and the solution to great part of the growing toxicity in the community could probably be just erradicate all kind of communication between opposing teams, because you certainly dont need to communicate with them for "gameplay" purposes like strategy, etc.

In WoW you can't communicate with the opposing faction, except for the standard /emotes and that's it, and it hasn't been an issue ever, so should Blizz apply the same system into OW and eliminate the communication between oposing teams? Should Blizz be the first ones to aknowledge and realize that some games or game genres don't need global communication at all, like being able to chat with the enemy team, and do something about it?

Team communication is neccesary, even with the toxicity it could be in it, the flamming, blaming, etc... but we still need it, but communication with the enemy team isn't a neccesity.

Should Blizz remove /all chat in a match and block all kind of communication between opposing teams?

pd: sorry for bad english.

We allow people to chat across teams in match chat because in Quick Play, the game can shuffle teams between maps. Because of this, that person who was on the enemy team will now be on your team. Our hope is that you make some social connections with people on your team or the other team and group with them in the future.

For people who don't like this direction, we also enabled the ability to leave these channels via the Channels interface.

As a minor clarification, since the introduction of Role Queue, Quick Play no longer rotates players between matches. (Quick Play Classic still does, however.)