Like i said in my other thread, this game has taken it to the next level with adding 1v1 and 3v3. I have been playing games for decades and this truly can be something special and push into the eSports world. Blizzard i just wanted to say thanks! Now lets get to business, you have to make 3v3 Rated/Competitive, this has so much potential.

Here are a few suggestions i would have to the rated 3v3 scene.
Remember people of the Forums this is for Competitive 3v3 not the arcade quick play 3v3.

- Pick and Ban phase like LoL, using one games method is not all bad, 2-3 bans per team. This will allow teams to ban certain "OP" Heros and allows for a team to be more strategic.

- Add 1-2 healthpacks to the map. This will make teams fight over certain points of the map. This should allow more fights to happen instead of people sitting in spawn/running all game. Maybe the health packs spawn at certain times of the match like every 2 mins or so.

- When game time is running out instead of just calling it a Draw have like "Black Smoke" come and force players into the center of the map. If they stay in the "black smoke" they take dmg. This will force players to stop running around trying to delay the game into a draw.
- Look at the way Battlerites games end
- Look at H1Z1 King of the Hill PSN Gas
This just helps end games in a competitive way and we get to see some fighting, everyone loves this. This is by far the most important feature to add. This also make it so teams can't camp in some corner all game!!!NO ONE WANTS TO FIGHT A TEAM OF REIN,BASTION, AND MERCY CAMPING IN THE SPAWN. Black smoke will force them to move.

- When a game is started have something push the Heros out of the spawn, No one wants to play against spawn campers.

- Make an observer mode and have a option like WoW where it is 3rd person View, this helps the viewer understand what is going on around the players.

We're certainly open-minded about adding a more competitive structure to 3v3 (or 1v1 for that matter). We did not want to start there though because we believe the new modes and map will require some iteration before they are ready for a competitive structure. We're keeping a very close eye on how these modes evolve and we will make changes to keep them healthy and to continue to grow them.

To address some of your requests more specifically, the map actually does have health packs. But through our playtesting we decided to disable them (with the thought that eventually in Custom Game you can re-enable them someday). The health packs created a very weird meta game that involved a lot of running/kiting and territory control. We tried them with their normal respawn time and we also tried them never respawning. Eventually, we just removed them altogether because we felt that the purity of the match outweighed the evolving strategies that revolved around health pack control. Also, the matches dragged out more...

As for picks and bans, I am personally not a fan of this type of system. If the meta settles down into static picks always, we have other solutions. But picks and bans cause a lot of issues that we'd like to avoid. Plus pick and ban phases add a lot of time to the rounds. I'm not saying we'll never do picks and bans, but what I am saying is that we would rather explore other options first.

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Arcade Competitive season for modes including 3v3 now run throughout the year.

Hero bans are still not preferred by the development team, but are testing a system of hero pool rotation for the main Competitive Play mode.