Overwatch is geared HEAVILY towards teamplay, which is pretty much impossible with pick upgroups.

Having played solo till lvl 11, this game is already starting to get boring and I can already see that unless I find me some regulars people to play with, I won't play much in the very near future.

Getting a regular group without a built in clan feature is simply too much of a hassle and LF Friend in the forum may get you some friend invites but it usually doesn't end up in a regular group

Does overwatch have any clan feature coming soon?
I really hope so as I enjoy this gameply quite a bit but playing solo is simply too stale for any longetivity

We're big fans of the clan and guild systems in WoW and Diablo 3. A feature like this is something we're very interested in.

While grouping up features like "Looking for Group" has been introduced, there has been no indication of a full-fledged guild system.