I'm all in favor for things to prevent stalling, but what exactly are those changes? The patch notes are very vague.

"Adjusted the respawn timing to limit defensive stalling when the offensive team has clear advantage and playing aggressively"

There was an existing system that slowly increased the defender respawn time in the case where there are more attackers than defenders on an objective for 30 seconds. The defender respawn time then increased in a linear fashion up to a maximum when the attackers held an advantage for 90 seconds.

We simply retuned the timing so that the increased defender respawn time starts after 15 seconds of attacker advantage, and also reaches the maximum possible increase of defender spawn time at 75 seconds.

Note that this timer doesn't immediately reset to 0 if the attackers temporarily leave the objective area due to something like avoiding a D.Va Self-Destruct or Mei Blizzard or otherwise no longer have a numerical advantage on the objective. The "attacker advantage timer" instead reverses and counts back down to 0.

Example: If attackers have an advantage for 10 seconds, then defenders regain it for 5 seconds, the "attacker advantage timer" is now at 5 seconds. If the attackers then get a few kills to regain advantage then after 10 more seconds the "attacker advantage timer" reaches 15 seconds and defender respawn time begins to slowly increase.

The end result is that stalling tactics involving defenders trickling in one at a time into the waiting weaponry of an entire enemy team on the objective should be less effective than before.