X-com 2 actually lets you individually pick which nationality of voice you use from the game's localization voice-tracks. I'd like to see the same done for the very 'United Nations' feeling Overwatch.

There's a lot of amazing voice over work in Overwatch - and there's a lot of amazing voice over work done by the actors in foreign localized versions. Some of the voices add tone and texture to the cast that I find fun and interesting, even if I don't know the language.

I've heard a smattering of a lot of them and keep picking favorites I wish I could individually change to in the game.

Some of my favorites I've found so far:

Japanese Genji - hands down the best Genji.

Polish, Japanese, or German Torbjorn - He seems to keep getting a lot of great voice actors in his international versions

Japanese and German reaper - the former sounds like a moody monster and the latter sounds very Rammstein

Korean Lucio - the actor who did his voice went all out and even beatboxes really awesomely (also Japanese Lucio has a really Jojo's bizarre adventure sounding ultimate callout)

French widowmaker - The same voice actor as the english version, but speaking purely in French!

German Winston - he sounds like a gorilla Einstein! Polish Winston also sounds great too.

Japanese tracer - even more hyperactive than her western counterpart

Anyway, it'd be great if we could pick and choose the voices of the cast. I've found when playing in the different language versions once you figure out what the different callouts are, you can tell what's going on even if you don't know the languages & get used to it pretty fast. Callouts of course are important for letting you know what's going on in the game and all.

Also being able to pick the nationality of the game's announcer would be cool too.

Hi! One of our programmers, David Clyde, saw your post and wanted to respond. His forum posting access isn't set up yet so I wanted to pass along this message from him:

Hey Spacedad,

I agree that this would be pretty cool. Many people have enjoyed the great voice acting from all of our different locales and like yourself some want to be able to mix and match. Unfortunately at the moment the way we handle loading localized content cannot support this, but I have been thinking about it and I believe that it would be possible to do. We probably cannot get to it in the immediate future, but it is something I would at least want to try and make work in the future. I cannot make any promises, but I do agree it is a cool idea worth trying out.


The overall language settings can be changed in the BattleNet app launcher for the PC platform. But the feature of pick and selecting languages for each hero is not yet implemented.