It is currently bugged to be always be assists and nothing else like for example I get gold medal for kills yet it shows up as assists and not kill streak or kills just 60% assists. Another time I get 9K heals which is my personal best because I was the only healer yet gotten the 40% assist card again.

As a Zenyatta main this ticks me off because it prevents showing a disverity in what I can do like getting gold damage or gold heals. Please fix this so that I don't have to see another 40% assists card again as zenyatta due to spamming discord but rather due to giving out healing orbs.

I wanted to clarify some of the Statistic Card rules in question, because there's some misunderstandings about the system.

Defensive assists are gained as Zenyatta if you were healing them with Orb of Harmony or Transcendence at the point someone else eliminated an enemy. Offensive assists are gained if the target had Orb of Discord. The statistic has nothing to do at all with whether you are on offense or defense during your game.

To get a card for any statistic, you need to have the most of that statistic across ALL players, both on your team and the enemy's. So even if you have gold medal for eliminations on your team, if a player on the enemy team has more eliminations than they are eligible for the card and you are not. This rule is in place because if someone else ever got a card and you had more of the stat in question, the system was considered to be broken.

The display of statistic cards are not tuned differently based on the hero you are playing. So if I was to tune Eliminations to show up more, I can't do it just for Zenyatta. It would also affect Soldier: 76 or any of the other Heroes. If I was to tune either Defensive or Offensive assists to show up less for Zenyatta, it would also affect Mercy.

Offensive Assists and Defensive Assists have a nearly identical weighting (difference is less than 5%), so if you're seeing the Offensive Assists card way more than Defensive Assists, one basic reason to see Offensive Assists more is just that you are typically earning more Offensive Assists than Defensive Assists. The other possibility is that it might be common for someone else playing a different support hero (on your team or the enemy's) to have more Defensive Assists than you, but not have more Offensive Assists. In that case you could't earn a Defensive Assist card but you could earn the Offensive Assists one.

Hope that helps everyone understand this a bit more!