I am currently suspended from ranked gameplay for 10 minutes because of disconnects. It has been happening on and off today, and I am normally allowed to rejoin but this time it banned me? I mean hell, I was just disconnected at the title screen as I typed this up, do I have to worry about being permabanned because of this?

Hi ChapterFive,

We're really sorry you had a bad experience due to a disconnect. Personally, I hate when that happens myself so I can relate.

Unfortunately, we're in a really tricky spot with Competitive Play in regards to players leaving matches. If you read through these forums, we get a lot of complaints that players leaving matches is a huge point of frustration for our players.

There is no reliable way that we can discern if you disconnected because of a connection issue, or you forced a disconnect. Because of that, we need to treat anyone who leaves a match in the same way.

We're way more lenient in quick play. And it feels like we're generally in a good spot in Quick Play. However, in Competitive Play, if anything, we hear from our player base that we should be increasing the leaver penalties and making them more harsh.

For Season 2, we added a 10 minute delay to your first "leave" to make you aware that leaving is bad and there are in fact penalties for leaving. We also wanted to put in increasing penalties to help dissuade people who were having connection issues from repeatedly trying to reconnect to Competitive Play games. We know that sometimes the connection issues are not your fault. And that really is a shame. But also, when those moments are happening, it's not a good time to jump into a team game and subject your teammates to the mercy of an unstable internet connection.

My advice for people who are having connection issues is to play modes like the Brawl or Play vs. AI until their connection stabilizes. Again, I know this isn't the answer you want to hear, but hopefully you can understand the situation from the other side. It's very likely that someone who was on your team in that match posted in one of the many angry "leaver" threads on these forums.

Hopefully this sheds some light on our thought process.

Again, apologies you had a bad experience.


Posted by ChapterFive

I just need to know how touchy this ban system is, I cannot predict when I will have a lag spike, as I cannot see the future. I have no idea what is causing it but if it starts working fine for the rest of the day and my connection gets dropped randomly by comcast or whatever the problem is, say sometime tomorrow, will I be banned for the season? In a way, the ban forced me to leave that match permanently, instead of being able to jump back in. Third match to do that to me in ten hours of gameplay

If the majority of your matches are played without "leaves", you'll be fine.

The leaver policy for Competitive Play is mostly the same since the time of this post. Additional details to the Competitive Leaver Policy regarding technical issues can be found here:

Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties