07/06/2016 11:55 AM - Posted by Psiwolf

What was the reasoning behind punishing the winning team when someone leaves the game?

Skill Rating is very closely tied to your MMR. When we calculate MMR adjustment we look at things like was it a mis-match. The effect of someone leaving a match is different depending on when it happens. If it happens at the very end of a match it has very little relevance to MMR and thus Skill Rating. When it happens at the beginning of a match, it has a larger effect. Because no one sees MMR and MMR is not viewed as a "reward", it's fine that MMR works that way. MMR exists to create the best possible matches. But once we translated MMR into Skill Rating, it did not feel good. Also, in Quick Play, we backfill. So very few matches were completed with this sort of mis-match situation occuring.

So this was really a new issue caused by Skill Rating being derived from MMR (a non-player facing number) as well as no backfilling in competitive play. Hope that makes sense.