Idea for new leaver penalty:

Leave current system as is, make the following change to COMPETITIVE only:

1) After 3 leaves in a 24 hour period: automatic 24 hour ban and SR loss of 100.
a) This gives people with connection issues a threshold to say "i'm having connection issues, let me not queue in competitive until i can suss it out"

2) After the 24 hour ban concludes: 3 further leaves in 24 hours results in a 3 day ban, SR loss of 300

3) After the 3 day ban: 3 further leaves in a 24 hour period results in a one week ban, automatic loss of one bracket rank and comparable amount of SR

4) After One Week Ban: 3 further leaves in a 24 hour period results in a 2 week ban

And so on and so forth.

I also think that if you D/C and then reconnect to the game it should not count as a leave. The idea here is to severely punish people that leave chronically and also give people with connection problems a chance to say "i should not play competitive until i fix my issues"

Ultimately, small bans and SR loss aren't enough to deter leavers from leaving, it needs to prevent them from playing the game whatsoever.

Too harsh?

We appreciate this feedback and we want to continue to be aggressive against people leaving in competitive play. We won't, however, use Skill Rating deductions as a penalty. The last thing people want is a highly skilled player ending up in Bronze and being matched against people much lower skill than they are. Also, if we allow a highly skilled penalized player to end up in Bronze and then continue to match them against other highly skilled players, people will perceive our matchmaking systems to be broken.

Ultimately, we want to remove frequent leavers from competitive play altogether. We just don't want them playing games there.