I laud the longer seasons as a way to reduce grind in competitive play.

But the single number ranking really does have a grind aspect to it.

Psychologically, even if not statistically, it feels like a lot of work to go up and easy to drop back down. Whether this is true or not isn't the point (plenty of other threads debating that). But there are ways to make it feel less bad. So I'd request any one or more of the following:

  • a single loss should never cause a rank to be lost after you just earnt that rank
  • show your "season best rank" next to normal rank so that you don't feel so bad dropping rank
  • warn at the hero select whether the game could change your rank (up or down) -- pretty sure this is known in advance because it is based on existing skill rating
  • reintroduce tiers to give us something to aim for, even if you can always drop tiers so they are just symbolic

Edit: Just to be clear on the first suggestion -- I meant only that you can't lose rank in the very next game after you gain rank. If even that would still cause inflation of ranking then it is a no-go for me as much as anyone else. As that would certainly not minimize the feeling of "grind".

Good feedback, WeaponsGrade. We'll continue to make tweaks for next season. We do show you your career high and season high ranks, like you mention, but currently they are displayed in the rank up screen. Perhaps we can show that in more places.

Your first suggestion is a little tricky because Skill Rating is directly correlated to your matchmaking rating. To accomplish never going down in rank after ranking up, that would mean that Skill Rating would have to be separated from your MMR. This is possible but if we're not careful it can be inflationary. Inflationary systems worked when we had 1 month seasons because we could reset before the negative side effects would set in. We'll talk about it and see if there are some options out there for next season that might feel better.

Some terms refers to the old 1-50 Skill Rating system and tiers were divided every 10 skill rating levels. Since this post, in the current skill rating tier system, players in Silver through Platinum would only drop down a tier if they failed to return the minimum skill rating for that tier after getting a loss or draw from the 5th game since dropping below the minimum. Players in Diamond, Masters, and Grandmasters will immediately drop a skill rating tier when they are below the minimum required.