Posted by SamuraiDog

So competitive season two is going to have a maximum difference of 500 points to duo queue with a friend (skill will be rated 0 - 5000 in season 2). I really hope this allows me to continue to play with friends. I currently am a 43 and play with a 52 all the time (my son in fact), and am guessing this will fall outside the 500 skill point difference.

I'm hoping this is not going to be the case, but I don't have a good sense of how 500 points translates to current skill rank.

We'll see how everyone feels about the numbers we picked once everyone has placed on the PTR (it will be up soon -- this week). If we were too restrictive, we can loosen up a little. There are costs and benefits to both directions so this is a tricky number to get right. Too loose and we get the boosting/matchmaking issues we have now. Too tight and people cannot play with their friends...

We'll keep a close eye on our tuning here.

As it currently stands, those at Diamond and lower ranks can group up with friends with a skill rating difference of 1000 SR or less, Masters at 500 SR or less, and Grandmasters at 350 SR or less. Grandmasters can also only queue solo or with one other party member, no greater sized group.