Posted by Valmek

I'm level 158 low Master Rank on my main account. I started a new account to see if I actually deserve to be in Master because I don't think so.

Well upon playing with this Fresh Level 1 account it takes me 10x as long to find a match. I get that maybe Blizzard is trying to make it more fair towards lower people and group them up but I'd rather not wait 5-10min + on a Quick Match or Arcade Queue. I've tried each one and they all take at least 5 minutes to get into a game.

I'm not complaining that the queue sucks and will match me against better players. I'm complaining because it takes too damn long to find a single match. That shouldn't happen. Sometimes I'll be in queue for 15 minutes and not a single one.

Apologies that you are experiencing longer than normal queue times. You pretty much deduced what the problem is. Our matchmaking system narrows in on your skill level quickly. So even though you have a "new" account, it's very obvious to us that you are a high-skill player. We also do some things to lessen the frequency that "new" players get matched against experienced players. A lot of our truly new players will complain if they see players higher level than they are (account level, not SR). So at the very lowest levels, we try to match you in a pool of "new" players. But there are extremely few "new" players who are Master skill players so matches are going to take you a long time until you level up some.

One way to help this situation would be for you to group with non-low level players who are also of your skill level. This will pull you out of the new player pool more quickly.

I know this situation seems non-ideal for you. But the silver lining here is it shows that our matchmaking system is working and doing its best to prevent brand new players from getting matched against high skill players on alternate accounts.

It is not certain how effectively true this matchmaking protocol now applies since the introduction of Role Queue for both Quick Play and Competitive Play.