So just played a game.... Won the first round easy with lots of time left....
People on the other team start rage quitting.....
I get 1/20th of a lvl....................... but if i lose i lose almost a full level if not one...

Your system is broken as usual GG blizz keep it up

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We made a change earlier today that was intended to address this. (You can read more about that change here).

Since we're still seeing posts like yours, though, we're following up on our end to make sure the change was implemented correctly. The ultimate goal is to make it so that, if a player leaves mid-match, it won't affect how Skill Rating is adjusted at the end of a match. If that's not what is actually happening right now, we'll fix it.

Sorry for the delay! And thanks so much for the report.

Sincere apologies for not getting to back to this thread sooner. Here’s an update/recap:

  • On Thursday, we made a change to Competitive Play so that if a player leaves during match, it will no longer affect how Skill Rating is adjusted at the end of a match.
  • That same day, we started investigating reports claiming that the change didn’t seem to be live yet, and that players were still “trolling” winning teams by leaving.
  • On Friday, we confirmed there was a bug preventing the change from going live and implemented a fix later that night.
  • Since then, we’ve been monitoring Competitive Play matches with leavers (including ones reported in this thread) to ensure our change is working as intended.

At this time, we can confirm that the change is live and, according to the data that we have, has been working correctly since last Friday night. While leavers previously had an impact on how Skill Rating was adjusted, they don't appear to anymore (and haven’t for a few days).

There are other factors that still have an impact on Skill Rating, though. Things like your team’s probability of success, your individual performance, and win/loss streaks can all affect how your Skill Rating is adjusted at the end of a match. These factors are there for a reason (to help make Skill Rating as accurate as possible), but we know that it’s not always clear right now why your Skill Rating is adjusted the way it is.

That's a concern for us, because we not only want Skill Rating to be accurate, but also for it to make sense. The fact that it doesn't is good feedback for us, and seeing how we can make Skill Rating feel better/be clearer is definitely something we’ll be keeping in mind as we look at ways to improve Competitive Play for future seasons.

With that said, while a lot of the complaints in this thread seem to be a result of that lack of clarity on our end rather than any existing bugs, that's not an assumption we're okay with so we're still keeping an eye on your incoming reports. This is something that's important to us, too, so we're going to continue to monitor/look into our systems for any ongoing or additional issues.

Hey everyone, quick update.

We believe we’ve found the source of the issues with Skill Rating you’re seeing and are in the process of deploying a probable fix on PC. This fix isn’t a guarantee and it may take about a full day before it hits all of our servers, so if you notice improvements within the next 24 hours, please let us know. (If you don't notice improvements, let us know that too.)

Again, this is just for PC only right now. If we see good results, we can then take steps to deploy the same fix on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Thanks again for all your reports, and for not backing down on this one. We're sorry you needed to be so persistent in the first place, but we're extremely grateful that you stuck with us.

Once the fix is fully deployed on PC, we'll check back in.

Update #2: This fix is now live for PC and has rolled out to all of our servers, plus we were able to figure out a way to quickly deploy it to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well (this is why it took a bit longer). Based on your reports, it appears this fix has been successful, but we'll continue keep watch on your on posts just in case.

Some things to keep in mind:
  • Our earlier change, making it so that leavers won't impact Skill Rating (for either team), is still in place. We think this change is an overall positive one, since it discourages bad leaver behavior, but we'll be paying close attention to your feedback. If it doesn't remain a positive change, we can consider reverting it/adjusting it further.

  • It's still possible for players to gain less Skill Rating following certain wins, it just depends on the match-up. If you're on a team that's heavily favored, you're going to gain a smaller amount of Skill Rating for that win vs. wins in which both teams are more evenly matched (Conversely, the opposing team in this situation would also lose less.) We've talked about reducing the average Skill Rating gap that can happen between teams in Competitive Play, but the trade-off would be increased wait times, which we don't think is any more ideal.

  • As noted earlier, we definitely hear your concerns about the way we communicate Skill Rating adjustments right now, and that it doesn't feel very clear. We're looking at improvements we could make for future seasons.

Some terms in this thread is based around the old 1-50 SR system from season 1.