Posted by Brandinio

I don't understand why you lose SR when the game client itself loses connection to the game server. Before anyone suggests, could it be my Internet connection, or maybe my ISP? No. That's most definitely been ruled out because it wasn't just me who lost connection to the Overwatch servers. At the time of being in said Competitive Match, almost every single one of my friends lost connection to the Overwatch servers at the exact same time.

I'm ruling out it being an issue with the ISP, because the one person in my group that did not lose connection to the game server is on the same ISP as someone who did lose connection.

Let's just run through exactly what happened during the match. We all search for a game as a group. We get onto a match and got onto the "Assemble your heroes" screen. Within seconds of being on that screen, it heads straight back to the main menu, tries to connect back to the game. It gets back onto the "Assemble your heroes" screen, but with the "Lost connection to the server" error and login boxes overlaid on top of the heroes screen. The client then realizes it's not connected, and comes off the "Assemble your heroes" screen whilst keeping the "Lost connection to the server" screen still showing.

Please do remember this all happened within the first 5 seconds of the game. So the match got cancelled by the time we all connected back to Overwatch.

Now, if multiple people lost connection at the exact same time, why do we all get penalized for something that was outside of our control? It is simply ridiculous that an issue that was clearly with the Blizzard servers, gets the players penalized for it. As I'm typing this, my 10 minute suspension has most definitely expired but it's the fact that every single person that was affected by something that's literally outside of our control (even our ISPs control for that matter) has to suffer from losing 50 SR.

I know there's probably nothing that can be done about it, but I wanted to make a post about something that's more than likely affected other users in the Overwatch community. This is more of a post to see what others have experienced too. Whether or not their entire group got disconnected at the exact same time, or whether they've just experienced the dreaded "Lost connection to the server" error during a competitive match.

But surely if the server detects multiple people timing out at the exact same time (to the millisecond), that would be treated as a disconnection that wasn't intentionally made by the user?

Thank you for reading this

Sorry this happened. We had a meeting to try to address these issues last week. We're going to try to make some improvements.

Since this post, the Overwatch Team have since implemented the ability to lock out the Competitive mode option if there is an issue that is affecting the servers directly. However, if there are problems that affect the datacenters where the servers are located including issues with network providers or things like a DDoS attack, Competitive does not get locked out. This is because such problems rarely affect all possible datacenters.

Please check the official Blizzard Customer Service Twitter Feed or the breaking news section on the Blizzard Support Site for news about service disruptions to Overwatch or other Blizzard Games.