I just received a leave penalty for leaving a game that I didn't queue for. I was in a group, I clicked "Exit Game," I clicked "Yes," and then I heard about half a second of the match start music before my client closed. My group had queued, and it popped instantly.

I've already submitted a ticket about the incident, and they basically told me that there's nothing that they can do, which I guess is understandable since the leave system is totally automated, but this isn't the first time something like this has happened. I've been in groups and tried to exit the game only to have the queue pop instantly before I can leave the group, and then I'm forced to either spend twenty minutes playing a game that I either don't want to play or don't have time to play, or I just have to take a leave penalty. That's terrible.

I'm not sure why there's no queue confirmation button when the queue pops. I'd be astonished if I'm the only person that this has happened to, and I can't think of any other competitive multiplayer game that doesn't have a confirmation button.

Say what you want about League of Legends, but Riot spent a long time getting their queue confirmation system right, and it's in a fantastic spot now. I would love to see something like that implemented in this game so I don't have to take dumb leave penalties anymore.

EDIT: This was a competitive queue

Apologies you had this issue.

Would the problem have been solved for you if a ready check dialogue showed up when your group leader clicked on the "Play Competitive" button?

Or do you feel that you might still end up in this situation even with that type of solution? I am asking because there are a few ways to solve this issue. One is to require confirmation upon party leader queue (the moment he clicks it) and the other is to provide ready confirmation once a match is available. One solution is significantly more difficult to implement than the other.