Posted by Ruwin

I am here to inquire about the specifics of the matchmaking algorithm. I have noticed as a Top 500 player that the teammates assigned to me are widely varying in skill (anywhere from SR 46 to Top 500). The variance in skill among my teammates creates for unpredictable and often non-competitive games. I would like to know why this happens, if at all possible.

For instance, in League of Legends you would never see a team with 4 challenger players and a bronze player to offset the difference in MMR. I understand that would increase queue times but I believe I am in the majority when I say that I would prefer to wait longer for better games. I think the system may be too concerned with finding a game quickly over finding a "good" match.

While I can appreciate dynamic queue for different party sizes, can the disparity in ranks among teammates be attributed entirely to that?

Any insight you may be able to offer on the intricacies of the matchmaking system would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Ruwin,

Can you please clarify a little bit? Were you actually matched with a Bronze player or were you simply citing that as an example from League of Legends? Also, it's more helpful if you refer to Season 2 skill ratings as Season 1 skill ratings do not map 1 to 1 with Season 2. The other thing that would be helpful is to know if grouping was involved in any way.

Top 500 players are the hardest players for us to matchmake. They are obviously the most skilled players at the game and there is not a large pool of players for them to play against. Because we matchmake aggressively to get you a good ping, this further reduces the pool of players we have to match you with. There are oftentimes not 5 other Top 500 players in your part of the world sitting in the queue in Competitive Play at the same time as you.

Additional rules in matchmaking have since been implemented to where players of extremely high skill may be unable to find a fair match, especially at low-peak hours of the day.