Posted by DHope

whether someone leaves a match by actually 'clicking' the leave button or if their system/game/internet crashes?

I don't know much about programming but I figure this must be possible? Maybe it's extremely complicated?

If so, would this not be something worth implementing so that the system can determine if someone actually 'chose' to leave a game and punish them accordingly. Whereas if someone DC's or the game crashes, they wouldn't be penalized as badly?

*** I want to be clear, that I still expect any 'leaver' in a comp game to be punished even if it is of no fault to the player - at the end of the day, the team suffers regardless but maybe those players don't deserve to lose quite as much SR for things out of their control***

We definitely know if a player clicks the "Leave Game" button.

We have no way to discern if an ISP drops a connection versus someone pulling their network cable from the wall.

Additional information about Blizzard's policy on why disconnections and game crashes are penalized can be found here:

Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties