Posted by Hirokx

I'm starting to get tired of entering games and immediately seeing the word "Defeat" go across my screen. Isn't there a way that you can prevent people from entering games in the last 3-5 seconds of a match. This should work even through overtime since overtime lasts longer than 3-5 seconds.

Just a thought. Not sure if anyone else feels the similar.

Thank you :)

We'll look into making some improvements. We want this to be better. Something to consider in the meantime: We only know if a match is "about to be lost" if the defending team is winning and time is about to run out. Also, each person's loading times are very different. Some of our players can take 1+ minute to even load into a game. Please don't take this as me saying everything is fine. We definitely want to improve the experience. I am just trying to give some insight to the fact that it's not a black and white problem.

Also, ultimately, we want to make players realize that when you backfill into a match, there should be no downside -- meaning you should take no loss and gain a bunch of "free" exp.

There's no backfilling in Competitive Play.

In April of 2020, Jeff Kaplan recently posted that they are looking at new ways to minimize the negative impacts of backfilling.