Just happened an hour ago. Played my first comp game in awhile and was immediately reminded why comp sucks. 3 diamonds on each team with 3 low masters (myself included there). should have been a fairly even match up but one of the masters on the other team was a top500 decayed player. it wasn't even fair...our diamonds couldn't touch him. They were in chat complaining the whole game too. The diamonds on my team just got wrecked by the top500 widow main. They tried Genji, Winston and D.Va, all at the same time, and got no results against him. You shouldn't be able to match up with players 2 skill tiers above or below you. Decay needs to be fixed for season 6. To be honest a lot needs to be fixed in match making in general. I just wish some of the crazy unbalanced match ups would happen way less. It's fine to get your but kicked once an awhile, but it shouldn't happen every other game.

edit: Of the masters on my team I was the highest this season topping out around 50 SR below GM. The other masters, on my team and theirs, hand not reached above 3650. I can't take on a top 500 widow main by myself. Not while playing Rein or Mercy anyway. I know Blizzard said that decay would be addressed in season 6, so hopefully this won't be too common anymore. Teams should be constructed by total skill (MMR) not just current SR range.

Skill Rating decays but your internal Matchmaking rating (the thing that determines who is matched against who -- not SR) does not decay.

I'm not saying that you weren't placed in an unfair match. I am just trying to clarify that if that did indeed happen, it wasn't because of SR decay.

We have some changes to Season 6 that should help with some occurrences of mis-matches, especially in the top skill tiers. I can't tell what tier you're actually playing at because you posted on an alt account.

We posted a video yesterday that explains some changes that are coming that should help.


Posted by Skrimiche

Wait... So if MMR is what decides who gets paired with who, then what is SR for? Just comp points and showing off?

That seems confusing...

SR closely chases your MMR up and down and is a more "digestible" number. With the exception of top players who have decayed, MMR and SR are closely linked..

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I'm guessing MMR is built off more than the player rank?

MMR works very similarly to SR. There are some minor differences that make it feel worse though, when you just watch that number. For example, it's possible to win a match and not gain any MMR. We make it so that if you win a match, you always gain SR -- even if it's just a little bit -- to feel psychologically rewarding. But MMR's entire goal is creating fair matches -- which isn't always fun to look at and certainly not "rewarding" for players looking for pats on the back or a sense of progression. So SR "chases" your MMR very closely, except in a rare case of severe SR decay at GM/Masters/Diamond level of play.